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  1. Deanne Soares says:

    As always, I am amazed. How do you know which keyboard to use! Of course you trained and work hard, but it still looks like magic.


  2. Rebecca Lord says:

    Oh,I LOVED that!!!!! Beautiful touch with the scriptures too. They really set the stage and made the music so much more powerful. What a perfect way to start my sabbath! I’m so glad you are doing these vodcasts.


  3. Meaghan Joynt says:

    Oooh, I love having Sean Jackson in my living room! Sean, thank you for sharing your beautiful gift…and of course charming as always. Great arrangement – can’t wait for next Vodcast. 🙂


  4. bridget kibbey says:

    Fabulous, Sean! Thank you for sharing your talents and faith with us.


  5. Glenn Wecker says:

    Excellent. Powerful piece. Thanks Sean.
    Glenn Wecker


  6. m chatman says:

    This was so very Beautiful and Inspirational. I loved the use of the Bible and the instrumental enhancements.
    Thank you for sharing your God given talents.


  7. nesta & phil murray says:

    Sean, thankyou for yet another glorious vodcast, we enjoy them so much and feel very close to you and Sally when we view them.
    Your Talent never fails to inspire. Please keep them coming. As always you and Sally are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love. Phil and Nesta


  8. Elaine Ramsey says:

    Gracious! I am still catching my breath! Using scripture was perfect. Thank you again, Sean. We love you!


  9. Jeanette says:

    Magnificent! My only disappointment was when I was intently listening and the hymn was finished! Beautiful job – thank you!


  10. Anne Kirton says:

    Three words to describe this vodcast – sweet,short,inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing your God-given talent with us. May God continue to richly bless you. Anne


  11. Wayne Moore says:

    Crisp, Powerful, and Inspiring! Always a joy the listen to your meaningful music that really ministers from God’s Word by painting a clear picture of His Power and Fullness.

    Thanks Sean!


  12. Jenny C. says:

    Amazing as always !!


  13. Vova says:

    So nice!
    Frankly speaking I am not a listener of such kind of music, but this one really has touched my heart. Thank you, Sean.


  14. G. James Palmer says:

    Just seeing this but like you Easter is one of my most favorite time of the year…It holds a special place for me and keeps me connected to my dear departed Mother who would wake me up early to accompany her to Early Morning Prayers at Church during Lent….


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