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  1. Neil Walker says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


  2. Stewart Russell says:

    Hi Sean,

    Always look forward to hearing from you. This is also one of my favourite hymns. Your rendition of it is absolutely beautiful. Just want to thank God for you and your family as you use His gift to inspire all of us with snatches of heavenly music this side of glory. While we look to the distant destination, these heavenly strains sure help to make the journey so much more enthralling.



  3. Jill Chase says:

    What a wonderful time of worship this inspires. God has gifted you with a beautiful talent! Thanks, Sean!


  4. Glenn Wecker says:

    Very inspiring.


  5. Rebecca Lord says:

    Beautiful, Sean! Your messages and music are always so uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for continuing to share your talents!



  6. m chatman says:

    This song and your arrangment were beautiful, inspiring, and comforting. Wonderful having the lyrics and verses from Matthew 6 appear. Thank you so very much for this and for all you do !!!


  7. Heather Harvey says:

    Beautiful,bring back memories of Barbados,keep the good work up,GOD BLESS.


  8. Joy Wallace says:

    I enjoyed the arrangment and performance of this beautiful hymn. l look forward to these perfomances which allow you to share your wonderful talent which continues to be a real blessing. God’s continued blessings. Keep up the good work.
    Aunt Joy


  9. Nesta and Phil says:

    Dear Sean
    What a lovely hymn to share with us – made even more lovely by seeing your dear face which brings back so many memories of happy times in London! What happened to your intended July visit? We think of you and Sally often and look forward to a reunion
    before too long. God Bless much love and well done Joy. Nesta and Phil


  10. Jeremy Larsen says:


    Very soothing to listen to and very well played which is standard for you. When are you going to do “Leaning?” I miss your playing of that song.


  11. 007vauxhall says:

    Brilliant Playing, you are a Master of your Art 🙂


  12. Frances Nelson says:

    Thank you, Sean. Our love to you and Sally.


  13. When you play hymns I look up the story behind the author in my “Amazing Grace” devotional and go over the words as you play. Thank you – and love to Sally


  14. MoneyManTC says:

    I truly loved that!!! A++ work!!!


  15. scybolt says:

    The playing is fantastic. I really like this song too because it means a lot to me. I’ll have to try some of the techniques in this arrangement for some of my own hymn playing on the grand 🙂 -Sean


  16. TSB12556 says:

    This song always brings a tear to my eye cuz we sang it at my mom’s funeral. The words of the song say it al for a Christian. Keep up the good work and may God bless you richly.†


  17. MsAngie1945 says:

    This is so beautifully done! Thank you for sharing with us.


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