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  1. 007vauxhall says:

    Absolutley Beautiful, played from the heart! Thank you so much 🙂


  2. m chatman says:

    Dr. Jackson,
    Simply marvelous!! and having this selection on this day was great timing. it was a miss the bus, train is late,
    key meeting began without you day. The soothing “Pathetique” movement was just what I needed. Your selection
    and performance were/are wonderful. Thank you !!



  3. Leonora says:

    Thank you very, very much Sean for such an absolutely beautiful performance of what is just about my most favourite piece of music. It was truly a blessing to sit and listen to you play it. May God bless you as you continue to bring such joy to so many of us.



  4. Stewart Russell says:

    Soothing, inspirational, therapeutic and the list goes on. Thanks so very much, Sean.

    Stewart Russell


  5. hilary cosell says:

    Oh Sean, even Ms Garage Rock loves this. Just beautiful Thank you.


  6. Elaine says:

    Sean, you and Sally are the sweetest, dearest people! It is so kind of you to make the vodcasts, as I feel like we had a little visit. We miss Sally in the vodcast, what do you think?!


  7. Stephanie says:

    Merci Sean…


  8. Vova says:

    Thank you, Sean! You still touch my soul with your music. Every one needs it to be separated, for a while, from this vain world. Remain to be God’s blessing for those who are listening to your Heavenly music.
    Vladek, (Ukraine).


  9. Rebecca Lord says:

    Thank you for another marvelous recording! Ah, your music soothes the soul. Keep them coming!


  10. Nesta &Phil Murray says:

    Beethoven and you playing the piano a fabulous combination -more tears. Lovely to hear from you last month. Miss you both
    God Bless Nesta and Phil


  11. dan mullin says:

    Richter, Pollini, Kissin and Bobby Ball move over, make way for the king is here. Bravo and see you in three weeks??!!


  12. dan mullin says:

    PS How I wish Nain could have still been with us to hear next month’s vodcast! Boston, Schenectady, Fairfax any good for you?


  13. Carl Barker says:

    What a beautifully executed piece of music! Your maturity is now very evident in your playing. May God continue to bless you, and may you be an inspiration to all those who hear you.


  14. angelsdontkill113 says:

    Perfection. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of my growing love and appreciation for classical music.


  15. 1973avm says:



  16. heartbeat2thenation says:

    Brilliant played!!!


  17. Hailey Maynard says:

    search billy joel this night on youtube. you might find they sound quite similar…


  18. ???? ????????? says:



  19. Mick Muir says:



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