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  1. m chatman says:

    Wow—-what a marvelous dual arrangement and performance. I especially loved “seeing” dual and almost thought the 2 of you were about to shake hands at the end. Excellent!! Thank you. Thank you.


  2. bhigdaddymark says:

    EXCELLENT!!!! loved it indeed! Dr. Jackson, what kind of organ is that you’re playing, how many ranks, and where might it be? I really enjoy your excellent posts and thanks for sharing your brilliant talent/musicianship! Also, it sounds like a ‘good’ room.


  3. Avice and Mcdonald says:

    Sean that was really fantastic as usual.

    Trust that you and Sally are doing great

    Avice sends her love and best wishes



  4. annette Jackson says:

    Amazing! Thank you for beautiful audio and visual!


  5. Leonora says:

    Thank you very much Sean. As always, it was very uplifting.


  6. drseanjackson says:

    Thanks for your comments. This is at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Stamford, Connecticut. It is a 116 rank 6808 pipe organ. A few builders had a hand in it: Roosevelt, McManus, E. M. Skinner and more recently, Bruce Shultz who voiced it in the early 90’s when it was refurbished.


  7. Elaine says:

    Ditto to all comments! Thank you, Sean


  8. Jill says:

    I love when you play both instruments together – spectacular. Perhaps we will have a piano and pipe organ set up in Carole’s living room for Christmas so that the two of you can play a live performance for us 🙂 Thank you for adding this bit of culture to my day!


  9. Stewart Russell says:

    Splendid, absolutely splendid, Sean. However, this month’s presentation must be viewed against the backdrop of the visitation of tropical storm Tomas and the passing of our Prime Minister and fellow Combermarian, the Late Honourable David J. H. Thompson. The certainty and the verve with which you interpreted this lovely hymn is an appropriate and timely reminder of the certainty of the guidance of our Lord and Saviour, the chief shepherd: particularly in times we appear to be up against it. Thanks again for what indeed has been a source of encouragement in these times in Barbados.


  10. Vladek (Ukraine) says:

    Thank you, Sean! Still love your Heavenly music, so as your way of representing it. Sure, God’s Angel always is attended, when you preside at the organ.


  11. There are two of you!! 🙂 Awesome job. Sean, your vodcasts always put a huge smile on my face, thank you for sharing your music and your spirit. God Bless you and the beautiful people of Barbados too!


  12. Frances Nelson says:

    Thank you, Sean. That was really wonderful. We miss you! This was a real treat to have two of you for just a little while with your great music. Your introduction was very encouraging. My very best to Sally; I trust you are well.


  13. One of my favorites, Sean. Loved the duet. Do more of them. Hugs to Sally and keep one for yourself. Emmy Lou


  14. Robert says:

    Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. I very much enjoyed the stirring rendition of William Williams’ great hymn. God bless.


  15. noteworthy99 says:

    Nice hear something different and to see you both enjoying playing this piece. It sounded good too. Thanks for sharing.


  16. bugradio says:

    This is a very fresh and surprising arrangement! Very nice!


  17. marysrp says:

    you’ve reduced this hymn to a hurdy gurdy mess. Wales just called they want their hymn back.UGH!


  18. LiveMusicExpressions says:

    Bravissimo ! Amazing rendition !


  19. Jim Moyles says:

    Perhaps this version is not the traditional Welsh but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Who is your pianist? He’s very good. BTW that’s a fine organ too.


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