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  1. Sean Jackson says:

    Thanks Danny.


  2. Ola Roti says:

    Very pleasant rendition and I am pleased with your smile at the end which shows you also enjoyed the piece. More grace and thanks for sharing.


  3. BillyRosinet says:

    Virgil Fox would be very pleased to hear you playing this the way you do. It may be secular to say so, but it actually swings.


  4. JON421000 says:

    Where is this magnificent instrument located ? John Carleton Sacramento Ca.


  5. Michael Warren says:

    Sean, I listen to you play this wonderful piece every day, It helps me cope. Great Job!!


  6. Freedom ToBe says:

    Sparkling. Thank you.


  7. R Martin says:

    Sean may I say as an organist, this is one of my favorite all time pieces to play.. I just played this this morning at AM services and every one liked it….You have a very blessed gift from God and you played this piece at the right speed…. God bless… I really like listening to hear you play! 🙂


  8. Christopher Robinson says:

    Two people need prayer.


  9. kauczuqo says:

    Great performance! I am really thankful for the lyrics – that’s great idea you put them! Thanks to it we can understand the music and Bach’s idea much better!


  10. Jim Moyles says:

    WOW, Sean! Outstanding! excellent! You are by all means a very gifted musician and a FINE organist. I think both Bach and Fox would have been very pleased.ALSO, PLEASE tell us what and where that organ is, it sounds great.Thank you and God Bless you my brother from another mother… (:


  11. Charles Davis says:

    Personally, I found it a bit slow. One will remember, Music in not on the page; it’s in the ear. I would love to hear your own arrangement of this great piece. You have access to a wonderful instrument and I’m sure you have the skill. So, why not? Sent with love. CVD


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