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  1. 007vauxhall says:

    Wonderful, very professional to. Thank you for sharing such great talent with us. I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year. 🙂


  2. Rebecca Lord says:

    Wow, Sean. That was utterly delightful!!! Thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift! Best wishes for a marvelous New Year for you and Sally!


  3. RobCharles1981 says:

    Wow Excellent Stuff! Thank you sharing this!


  4. silverstartrucker says:

    Impressive. Lovely festive sound.


  5. Vladek (Ukraine) says:

    Thank you, Sean, this was beautiful. May Our God, Jesus Christ will bless your Holy work for many years, giving real joy and the real rest for every tired soul.


  6. m chatman says:

    Beautiful !! so very Beautiful. The organ/piano composite is wonderful. Thank you so very much. Glad to see that all performances are also on YOU TUBE. CD or DVD on the horizon?


  7. Nesta &Phil Murray says:

    Hi Sean, that was truly inspirational, especially the Handel Halleluia extract. The interplay between piano and organ was awesome, skillfully put together and played. Thankyou for all your podcasts, listening to them throughout the year has been a true pleasure. Looking forwards to the new year ones. For You, Sally and your work, Novembers title is very apt:


  8. bhigdaddymark says:

    As always, SUPERB!! Have a happy, healthy and most successful New Year Dr. Jackson!


  9. ando1619 says:

    Thank you! A lot of effort to make the video I expect!


  10. Jenny Colucci says:

    what better way to ring in the new year that to hear your wonderful work! Thanks Sean. Happy New Year to you and Sally.


  11. Roger Griffith says:

    I know I am a little late but I wanted to stop by to let you know that your renditions nearly brought tears to my eyes. God must be smiling when he sees gifts he bestowed being so wonderfully used. You are the man Sean.


  12. goodchappy says:

    Was good!


  13. godwin3006 says:

    Great combination. Superb co-ordination. Best Pipe organ.. Great Playing.. God bless


  14. corujao15 says:



  15. Wolf-Gero Walther says:

    Thanks. This touching my Soul.


  16. phchang555 says:

    Beautifully played!!!


  17. Val Wolff says:

    Love it, Majestic..


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