[youtube https://youtu.be/OrIJy-ghkak]


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  1. This was so beautiful. What a treat – and how glorifying the music was. Thank you.


  2. Gail Hannah says:

    Wonderful! Wonderful!
    We had the priviledge of Meaghan singing at my husband, Dr. Sam Hannah’s, requiem mass last year. Her beautiful and prayful voice carried me through the entire service.
    She sounds just as tremendous on this video as she did on that day.
    Now I have a remembrance of her extraordinary tribute.
    Thank you so much Meaghan and Sean.
    Gail Hannah


  3. m chatman says:

    This was oh so very very Beautiful. Thank you Meaghan for sharing your spectacular God given talent. Thank you Sean for showcasing the talents that God has bestowed.

    kelly chatman


  4. zot500 says:

    I love this song, and she does a great job with it!


  5. TSB12556 says:

    First tears and then goose bumps! Thanx for sharing and God Bless you both. †


  6. G. James Palmer says:

    Thanks so much for that piece…Brought tears to my eyes…truly a connection to the Creator…Thanks


  7. vincearbor says:

    That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!! I applaud you, Meaghan.


  8. caseyflorida says:

    Top notch!! Ms. Joynt’s voice is absolutely amazing and Dr. Jackson’s accompaniment is brilliant! Thanks so much for this! Beautifully done!


  9. Bronzebk says:

    Well done. Powerful voice.


  10. cjhwth81 says:

    Praise God!!! Great Voice! Lovely piece sung and played how its meant..


  11. Queen Cleo says:

    What a magnificent voice!!


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