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  1. RobCharles1981 says:

    I really enjoyed that Sean thanks for sharing it with us! :o)


  2. 007vauxhall says:

    Excellent Sean, very well played indeed! Thank you


  3. Dave Illar says:

    Thank you Sean, for sharing this finely played classic!


  4. koi0009 says:

    thank you from Italy !


  5. firstsmoofy says:

    Mr Jackson, that was wonderful. Great tempo so that all might be understood. And you have a smooth pedal technique.


  6. Luca Basaldella says:

    Oh Great! Super organ and a superb organist! =D


  7. Rufus Cross says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation of the marvelous piece. You’ve inspired me to pick it up again and play it some more.


  8. haydematilde03 says:

    Excellent Sean!!


  9. Clyde Lucas says:

    Wonderful playing Sean! Thank you so much my brother for making this video available! God bless you!


  10. l rufus says:

    Excellent! Brings back memories of my high school graduation over 100 years ago! Outstanding musician!


  11. Pipkin Hopkins says:

    Great Sean, Dr Phibes would be proud of you 🙂


  12. Luca Basaldella says:

    OH: GREAT.When you come to Italy… for a concert?


  13. Lou P. says:

    One of my favorite pieces performed by one of my favorite organists. I’m familiar with the opera this comes from but would anyone happen to know what part of Holy Scripture this composition depicts? I’d imagine these “priests” marching to war were the Levites.


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